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Different types of diabetes

Don’t miss out on your favourite food.
People often tend to believe that they have to cut on their food consumption to control diabetes. They often resort to selective eating and miss out on their favourite cuisines. Well, that is the biggest myth. You don’t have to eat selectively or leave out your sweets anymore. You can eat anything and everything that you want. All that you have to take care of is how much you eat and when you eat. A diet plan is your key to your favourite food.

What to eat in diabetes:

You can eat whatever you will love to, as long as you eat in the right portions. The key is to eat from all the food groups.
Vegetables: Prefer more of non-starchy vegetable and less of starchy vegetables.
Fruits: eat lots of seasonal fruits like oranges, melons, berries, apples, banana and grapes. Try to intake less sweet fruits.
Grains: Include whole grains in your meal in large quantities like wheat, oats, barley etc.
Protein: high protein diet is beneficial in diabetes. You should include Fish, eggs, nuts and peanuts, dried beans, lean meat etc.
Dairy: include low fat or skimmed dairy products.
Your preference should be towards the heart-healthy fats. Include avocado, salmon, tuna, nuts and seeds in large portions.
Use oils in cooking instead of butter, cream or margarine.

Foods to consume with care:

Food with following attributes should be less on your plate:

High saturated fat and trans fat.
High sodium content.
Sweets, candies and ice creams.
Beverages with added sugar and flavours.

When and how much to eat in diabetes.

The type of your diabetes decides if you can be flexible with your food timings or not. Your plate should be nutrition rich with a proportionate quantity of all types of foods.

How do physical activities help in diabetes?
The benefits of physical activities are:

lower blood glucose levels
lower blood pressure
improved blood flow
the burning of extra calories
improves your mood
Physical activities help you in keeping your blood sugar level and blood pressure in control. These are the major problems that occur along with diabetes.

The physical activities that you can include are:

Aerobic exercises
strength training exercises
Stretching exercises

While you take all these precautions, it is also important to ensure that your blood sugar level does not fall too much. Add one extra physical activity into your daily routine and walk towards a healthy future.

Dr.Sfurti Mann

Dr. Sfurti Mann is a passionate, and caring physician completely dedicated to the health and well being of her patients.Her philosophy of health care is early detection, prevention, and early intervention in order to prevent serious multi-system illnesses.


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