Viral Fever Symptoms

Viral Fever Symptoms and Treatments

Viral fever is an umbrella term that refers to any viral infection characterized by high fever, body ache, burning in the eyes, and sometimes nausea and vomiting. Viral fever is not a disease in itself. It is a symptom of an infection caused by a virus. Which is why Viral Fever Treatments are generally targeted to end the virus that is the underlying cause, instead of focussing on fever only. The infection can occur in any part of the body, such as lungs, intestine, air passage, etc. When the immunity system of the body fights against these viral intrusions and burn them off, the body temperature rises and results in a high fever. This fever is communicable. The Viral Fever Symptoms can transmit from one person to the other through contact with the body fluids of the infected person. Once the virus enters your body, it may take sixteen to forty-eight hours to turn into a full-fledged infection and cause fever. Some severe viral fevers are also transmitted through mosquito or tick bites or by coming in contact with blood or semen of infected persons. Many people tend to rely on self-medication for Fever Treatment in Gurgaon. However, taking antibiotics unnecessarily and in irregular dosage can cause acidity and can damage your liver or kidney. It is always advised to visit your family doctor or a general practitioner for Viral Fever Treatments.

Symptoms of viral fever

The fever is a natural body response for battling with the viruses causing diseases. An increase in body temperature tears down the proteins in these pathogens and refrain them from multiplying inside the body. Although anyone with low immunity can be the victim of the viral fever. Irrespective of their age, people who are projected to certain conditions are more likely to get the infection. If you are working or living with infected people, traveling to the area where a particular viral fever is prevalent, sharing needles for intravenous drug, and having unprotected sex, etc. You are at a high risk of viral infection. Symptoms of different viral infections may be various, but some Viral Fever Symptoms are commonly found in all viral infections, regardless of the type.
Increase in body temperature is observed in all viral infection. The body temperature rises and falls intermittently.
It’s also accompanied fever. In spite of high body temperature, you may feel chills and cover your body with blankets.
Fatigue and dizziness
The patients suffering from viral fever are mostly reported to suffer from fatigue and weakness. You may also feel dizziness. You will be advised to take adequate results to ease these symptoms.
Headache and body pain
Viral fever may also bring headaches and pain in muscles, body, and joints.
Pain in tonsils and sore throat
Painful tonsils and soreness in the throat are common symptoms of throat infection caused by virus intrusion.
Chest congestion
Viral infection also causes viral fever in the lungs, which produces congestion in the chest. You may also develop mild or sometimes rigorous coughing.
Nasal congestion and running nose
Nasal congestion and running nose is also a common symptom of viral infection. You can use nasal drops to soothe your nasal congestion.
Diarrhea, nausea, and vomiting
Viral infections create stomach disorders. You would feel nausea and may suffer from diarrhea and vomiting even during infection that is not so serious.
If you are suffering from any of the symptoms as mentioned above, it is recommended for you to take complete rest and maintain proper hygiene and cleanliness along with the Viral Fever Treatments.

Treatments of viral fever

The treatment of viral fever depends upon a few factors which include the underlying cause that is the virus that has intruded the degree of fever and other symptoms that you might be experiencing. Fever treatment in Gurgaon begins with your doctor reviewing your health history. Asking a few questions about the symptoms like when you first noticed the signs, what makes these symptoms worsen or better, etc. To have an understandable idea of the kind of viral infection you may have, the doctor may also prescribe some tests of blood, sputum, and urine.
If the body temperature reaches 104°F for children and 103°F for adults, it is considered an emergency. For lower-grade fever, Viral Fever Treatments include the following.
OTC Medication
Your doctor may prescribe you some over the counter medicine to reduce the fever and its symptoms. It is important to understand that antibiotics will not treat the fever caused by a viral infection.
Lukewarm bath
It soothes your body and brings the body temperature down.
Drink plenty of fluids
It is important to keep yourself hydrated and replenish fluid loss due to sweating. You can take electrolyte-containing solutions for better results.
As the viral fever causes a lot of fatigue and weakness in your body, resting as much as possible will provide you relief from these symptoms.

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