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Important points one must know about alcohol and its effect on your diabetic body

Foot problems

i) % of complication in diabetes= 22.9%

ii) % of complication in non-diabetes= 10%

Chronic kidney disease

i) % of complication in diabetes= 27.8%

ii) % of complication in non-diabetes= 6.1%


i) % of complication in diabetes= 6.6%

ii) % of complication in non-diabetes= 1.8%

Congestive heart failure

i) % of complication in diabetes= 7.9%

ii) % of complication in non-diabetes= 1.1%

Coronary heart disease

i) % of complication in diabetes= 9.1%

ii) % of complication in non-diabetes= 2.1%

Chest pain

i) % of complication in diabetes= 9.5%

ii) % of complication in non-diabetes= 1.7%

Heart attack

i) % of complication in diabetes= 9.8%

ii) % of complication in non-diabetes= 1.8%

Alcohol poisoning

1-Signs of alcohol poisoning

  • Confusion
  • Unconsciousness
  • Seizures
  • Slow breathing
  • Hypothermia
  • Blue or pale skin

2-Effects if untreated

  • Choking on vomit
  • Stopped breathing
  • Hypothermia
  • Severe dehydration
  • Permanent brain damage
  • Death

3-Percentage of alcohol

  • 12 Fl oz of beer: 5%
  • 8-9 Fl oz of beer: 7%
  • 5 Fl oz of beer: 12%
  • 1.5 Fl oz of beer: 40%

4-What to do

  • Know danger signs
  • Do not wait for all sign
  • Call 911

4-Diabetes and drinking:

  • Do not skip the food
  • Avoid craft beers
  • Sip your drink slowly
  • Wear identification
  • Do not drink with low glucose
  • Do not drive for several hours
  • Choose calorie free drink mixers
  • Try a light beer or a wine spritzer
  • Do not count alcohol as a carb choice
  • Have a zero calorie beverage for hydration
Diabetes and alcohol:
Talk to your doctor:

Be sure to get your medical team’s recommendations about whether drinking alcohol is safe for you.

Glucagon will not help:

Treat alcohol induced hypogluycema, after 1 or 2 drinks, your liver’s primary function is cleaning the alcohol from your blood, not producing and releasing glucose. Glucagon will not work until your liver is finished with this process.

Carry identification:

medical alert bracelet, wallet card etc. that says you have diabetes

Know your drinks:

know the alcohol level of beer and wines, know the proof of distilled spirits, know the carbohydrates, juicies, sodas, and mixers

Educate your drinking buddies:

Your drinking buddies should have a working understanding of type-1 diabetes, they should know you have diabetes and what to do in an emergency, especially because intoxication can look like hypoglycemia.

Eat a snack:

Never drink on an empty stomach once you start drinking, your liver will stop producing glucose and you will need it from food to prevent hypoglucemia.

Be prepared:
  • Bring your blood testing kit
  • Bring glucose tablets or gels
  • Make sure your drinking buddies know
  • What to do if you go low
  • Have a backup plan to get home
  • Test your blood:

    You know why, just do it

    Exercise and alcohol:

    Do not mix both exercise and drinking as it result in lower blood sugar levels

    After the party:

    Remember alcohol can lower your blood sugar hours after you have consumed it. Before you go to bed, check your blood sugar and have a snack to be safe. If you drank a lot, consider setting an alarm to wake up to test your blood in the middle of the night.

    Alcohol and sugar level: Why diabetics should say no to alcohol?
    • Moderate amount of alcohol may increase blood sugar level
    • High amount of alcohol cause severe hypoglycemia
    • Overall consumption of alcohol can cause increased blood sugar, hunger, triglyceride level, and weight.

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