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With increasing pollution diseases, there is a surge in the number of cases of diseases like asthma. Irrespective of age and gender, many people are falling prey to it. For many people, it is just a minor problem, but for others, it can be a major concern. In addition to interfering with your daily activities, it can also lead to life-threatening attacks. If you are dealing with breathing issues, it can be a signal of asthma. Dr. Sfurti Mann, a passionate physician, is a knight in the shining armor for those who are battling with asthma. She has a vast and diverse experience of 18 years. Her accurate diagnosis helps in early detection and intervention for preventing asthma. She treats her patients with compassion and guides them for effective management of the disease.


The condition of asthma varies from person to person. You can have asthma attacks specific to a situation or frequently in general. Based on that, your symptoms can occur all the time or only after some trigger.
Symptoms for situational asthma
● Exercise-induced asthma: The symptoms are apparent after an extensive workout. It gets worse with cold and dry air.
● Occupational asthma: Irritants like chemical fumes, gases, or dust at the workplace, trigger this asthma.
● Allergy induced asthma: Airborne allergens trigger it. Pollens, molds, spores, pets, etc can set-off an attack.

General asthma symptoms
● Shortage of breath
● Pain and tightness in the chest
● Wheezing and whistling sound while exhaling
● Coughing and sneezing attacks which becomes severe with cold or flu
● Trouble in sleeping due to coughing or shortage of breath

Signs of worsening the condition
● Getting frequent and troublesome asthma attacks
● Increased difficulty in breathing
● Frequent need to use inhalers for quick relief


The first step in the diagnosis of asthma is a physical examination. Your doctor will examine you thoroughly to rule out other possible conditions. He would ask you about your symptoms and other health problems you might have. After the physical examination, some tests may be recommended to ascertain the disease and its impact.

Lung function tests
● Spirometry: It tests the speed and amount of air you can exhale after a deep breath. It is used to estimate the blockage in the bronchial tube.
● Peak flow: A simple device is used to measure how hard you can breathe out. A lower peak indicates that your lungs are not functioning properly.

Additional tests
● Image testing: Chest X-ray and high-resolution tomography of chest and nose area
● Allergy tests: Skin or blood test to identify asthma triggers
● Methacholine challenge: Asthma triggers are inhaled, and their reaction is observed
● Sputum test: Saliva and mucus is tested for the presence of rose-colored dye

Management & Treatment

The treatment of asthma is mainly medication. The medication is targeted to improve lung functioning, reduce and prevent airway inflammation, and to control other medical conditions. The medication is given based on your age, tolerance to a specific medicine, and severity of the disease. You may also be prescribed inhalers or nebulizers to control severe episodes.
Management can be done with simple measures and make your life easier and happier. There are four basic components of managing asthma.
● Identify and stay away from triggers
● Take medicines regularly as prescribed
● Understand your condition and signs indicating its worsening
● Educate yourself to handle the situation before getting worsen.

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